Friday, May 23, 2008


Tomorrow is the day we may be able to park our car on the land. Kris, from Yardmen Landscape started our site work today. He graded (not much clearing was required) a 15' by 100' driveway onto our lot and spread and compacted 3/4" gravel for a nice base. He also dug a hole for our outhouse. Yes, outhouse. We are going to have the nicest outhouse in New Hartford.
This weekend Jeremy will prepare an area for the cargo container which is due to be transported to the land on Tuesday.

We just came back from seeing the finished product of our rough-in driveway and we are off to a satisfying start! The kids seemed to enjoy playing on the gravel and we were elated to see how clean and level the entrance to our "kingdom" is.
What better way to celebrate the first successful project on our land than a brookside cookout! We made a fire, roasted some hotdogs for the kids and some salmon burgers for us. Couple of glasses of port and a visit from Mom (Dianne) and our friend Dave who sounded off on the types of birds that he heard and found the spots where we can catch "brookies" along the way.
Looking forward to warmer weather so we can actually camp out and enjoy the sounds of the bubbling brook as we spend the first night on our land. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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