Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking like a home

I thought I would add lots of photos today.  We had a small break in the rain so I could run outside and take some photos.  No, the roof is not white, it's galvanized metal reflecting the grey sky.  We are so happy with how the roof turned out.  Jeremy's says it definitely makes up for spending six days 30 feet off the ground.  
We're satisfied enough with the siding, but we're going to add corner boards, some window trim, and possibly battens.  The siding we choose is typically installed with battens, but we thought it would look OK without them...not so sure now.  The drywall contractor is almost done, so I took photos of the inside.   Oslo is standing in the mudroom with the stairwell area behind him (upper left).  A view from the upstairs balcony looking east toward the childrens bedrooms (upper right).  Oslo and Nola run around the downstairs kitchen and living area (bottom left).  Oslo's room has a nice size loft over Nola's room (she gets the big room and closet and Oslo gets the killer hang-out area.  This week I'll be starting the tile in the downstairs bathroom and Jer will continue to work on putting together all the elements of the staircase, railing, and bamboo trim.

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