Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cupola Raising

Yesterday was an exciting day.  We watched the final piece of the SIP puzzle being lifted into place.  The cupola was assembled on the ground, with windows installed, and then Ben from North Timber Associates, lifted it with his crane and attached it to the roof.  It looks great, like whipped cream and a cherry on top of a sundae.  It's been a bit chaotic on the site this week...the SIPs team is finishing up; the framers are working on the interior walls; the drillers are drilling the well; and the excavator has been working on the septic system.  Oh, and I also walked through the house with the electrician to work out an electrical plan.  I guess it's time to call the bank for another appraisal and advance so we can pay all these people.  Keeping the money flowing is key to keeping the job moving forward, especially in these economic times, where cash flow for contractors is a challenge.
We decided to have a work-in-progress house tour on July 11 from 3 to 5 pm.  We've had requests to show the house before it's complete and I thought it would nice to draw attention to the "skeleton" of the house - the really important features that make the house energy efficient.  

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